Recent presentations

6. “Universal Dynamics across a Many-Body Localization Transition”, SFB FOQUS Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 2017
5. “Dynamics across Many-Body Localization Transition”, Conference on Many-Body-Localization: Advances in the Theory and Experimental Progress, ICTP Trieste, Italy 2017
4. “Many-body Localized Phase: Dynamics and Efficient Numerical Simulation”, Conference: Designer Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium, KITP, 2016
3. “A criterion for many-body localization transition”, International conference on localization, interactions and superconductivity, Landau Institute, Chernogolovka, Russia, 2016
2. “Universal dynamics across many-body localization phase transition”, APS March Meeting invited talk, Baltimore MD, USA, 2016
1. Discussion on level statistics, KITP program “Many-body Localization”, 2015